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Welcome to Hylen Co.,Ltd.!

Our Service

Customer- centric is Hylen’s Service Principle.

All-in- one service:

Hylen provides all-in-one service for the customers from quality confirmation, transportation to storage and product applications.


Quality assurance:

We have strict quality control, stock control system and professional QA and QC Dep. to make sure the products quality comply with clients’ requirements.

Also we committed:

we take 100% responsibility if quality problems happened.


Transportation and package solutions:

During 20 years development, we constantly improve the product packages and provide different package solutions to meet the requirements of different customers.

Also we cooperated with only world famous shipping company and continue optimizing our storage management system to make sure timely delivery.


Profession service team:

      Excellent talent selection and training mechanism make sure our staff with professional product and international sales knowledge to serve our clients better.